Larson Rug Cleaning utilizes a washing method that out performs all others in preserving a rug’s integrity. This in-plant system uses tools and equipment specifically designed for cleaning Oriental and specialty rugs. The eight-step process is extremely thorough, yet gentle. Our method has proven effective on a wide range of fine rugs – from the most fragile antiques to sturdier,
power-loomed modern rugs.

STEPnew1-300x224Step One: Air Dusting

The preliminary step of the process is air dusting. We use a diesel driven air compressor and tools specially designed to lift and remove dirt, sand, and dry particles trapped deep inside the rugs fibers and foundation.






STEP1-300x224Step Two: Industrial Vacuuming
Using the most powerful industrial vacuums, we remove the remaining dirt and sand on the surface of the rug.







STEP2-300x208Step Three: Rotary Scrubbing

Because dirt particles actually form an electrostatic bond with rug fibers, a specially-formulated liquid detergent is applied using a rotary-style scrubbing machine to break down the bond and restore the pile.






STEP3-300x225Step Four: Hand Scrubbing

Hand-scrubbing is used to remove stubborn stains from the fringes and various parts of the rug. We use only non-alkaline shampoo and other naturally safe cleaning products that protect your health and our environment.






STEP4-300x225Step Five: High Pressure Rinse

High pressure water extraction is used to remove dirt and soils left behind during the cleaning process.







STEP7-300x225Step Six: Moth Proofing
An even coat of moth proofing is applied to the front and back. This will help protect the rug from moth damage for up to two years.







STEP5-300x225Step Seven: Controlled Drying
Achieving a fast and efficient drying method is critical, as rugs can mold and mildew if saturated for long periods of time. In our controlled, heated Dry Room, we use a combination of dehumidifying, air circulation, and heat. Here, rugs are allowed to dry for 12-24 hours.






STEP6-300x224Step Eight: Fringe Restoration

The last step is to clean and restore all fringes using specially designed tools. Finally, all rugs are brushed and inspected for any remaining stains.